I Am Defiant

I love my Hoyt AlphaMax 32. I’ve been amazed at the accuracy I’ve been able to get out of it. As long as I don’t screw things up I can really stack the arrows. Despite this, I really wanted to spruce things up a bit with a QAD drop rest. So I headed off to my local Hoyt dealer. Because, why not? I always like to drive across town.

It was a pretty quiet day at the bow counter by the time I arrived. I decided to leave the AlphaMax in the truck for the time being since I was feeling froggy and wanted to try out the new 2017 Hoyt line. Last year I was really itching to get a Defiant but kept talking myself out of it. I figured it couldn’t hurt to check out the latest offerings.

I pulled the Pro Defiant, Defiant 34, and Carbon Defiant off the shelf. To my surprise, I really didn’t like the risers on the Carbon and while we may not like to think it, aesthetics are important. I drew it a few times and it felt ok but I wasn’t 100% sold. I went back and forth between the Pro and the 34 but I really liked the shorter profile of the Pro. I decided to take it outside to put a few arrows downrange and fell in love.

I only shot from 10 yards since the bow wasn’t setup. There was no peep site and I didn’t want to send an errant arrow off into the wild. It was also setup with a 28″ draw length…two inches shorter than what I normally shoot. I lined up and put several arrows into the Yellow Jacket target and couldn’t believe how well it was shooting. I can’t say I’ve shot a bow as quiet as the Matthews Halon but the Pro Defiant was close and the accuracy (even without any setup) was astounding.

I was giddy when I went back to the counter but I wasn’t 100%. I asked what it would run with a QAD to replace the Whisper Biscuit and the calculator went to work. Bradley worked his magic and handed me a piece of paper with an out-the-door price that was less than the price as it was currently setup (included a Trophy Ridge Fix 5 sight). I was pleased enough to pull the trigger and I’m happy to say that I’ve added another Hoyt to my lineup.

I’d gotten an Academy gift card for Christmas which I still hadn’t put to use so I made good on my waffling decision to pick up a new Plano Parallel Limb Bow Case. I spent about 30 minutes putting the support posts and tie-down straps in place and the Pro Defiant fits perfectly.

I didn’t have a whole lot of time once I got home before I ran out of daylight but with everything straight out of the box and shooting at 15 yards I was once again highly impressed with the accuracy. I can hardly wait to see a hog or deer in the sight!

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