Cooking With Gas

So yesterday I picked up the 2017 Hoyt Pro Defiant in Realtree Xtra. Unfortunately, I had to work this morning and go car shopping this afternoon so once again I didn’t have a whole lot of time to play with it.

What little time I had, though, totally blew my mind! My AlphaMax would max out at 272 fps when I ran it through the chrono. The Pro Defiant has an ATA rating of 331 fps which I didn’t really expect to get close to.

However, using my Gander Mountain Techunter Pro arrows I was consistently pushing about 292 fps! I decided to switch to my awesome Carbon Express Maxima Blu arrows and then I was cookin’ with gas!

That’s right bowhunting fans, I’m pushing 302 fps!!

Yesterday I was giddy. Today I’m downright dancin’ a jig.


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