All The Rage

I recently had a discussion with an outfitter who suggested I try mechanical broadheads instead of my fixed broadheads. I’ve been using Grim Reaper Hades broadheads and they fly well. I don’t really have any complaints. There’s a slight difference compared to field tips but I haven’t had any major issues.

Regardless, the conversation got me thinking and I decided to try my hand with mechanicals. I’d read various broadhead reviews in the recent past and knew that the Rage Hypodermic got great reviews. I popped over to Amazon and hit the ol’ 1-click button. I also decided it made sense to order a 3-pack of practice broadheads as well. Adding that to the practice head provided with the real thing would give me four total heads. I figured the cost and convenience would allow me to spend more time shooting and less time walking back and forth between the firing line and the target. I don’t see how shooting one arrow at a time can provide efficient practice.

Unfortunately, when the packages arrived I got a bit derailed by work and didn’t get much practice time in at all. Despite that, I was immediately impressed with how well they flew. Talk about flying like field tips! I didn’t make a singe adjustment and I was putting the practice heads right next to my field tips. It was love at first sight…of the target.

I’ve been practicing every day for about a week and I intermingle the practice heads with my field tips. A lot of times I’ll fire a round of field tips and then do a comparison. Aside from shooter anomalies the results are nearly identical. It’s gotten me so pumped that I’m even making time to hit the backyard before heading to work in the mornings to ensure I still get some practice in even if things go south during the day and I get tied up. Here’s a shot from yesterdays’ morning session.

It’s a little hard to tell in this image but the practice heads are certainly doing a number on my Rinehart 18-1 target. They make retrieval very easy but I may stand a pretty good chance of taking advantage of Rinehart’s warranty by destroying the target within a year. We’ll see. I’ve already beat up the center target but I’m trying to spread the love.

I’m really building some good confidence with these heads and I can’t wait to book another trip. I’m on call so it’ll be at least another week before I can get in the stand again but I plan to take advantage of every day.

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