A Little Lighted Action

So I’ve been playing around with lighted nocks from Nockturnal and Carbon Express. I really like the concept and there are things I like about both. Either way, they’re both really fun to shoot in the backyard. Based on where I have the foam block positioned it’s under heavy tree coverage and I can’t always see where I hit. The lighted nocks make it very easy.

I find that the Nockturnal-S is a little brighter than the Carbon Express. My biggest beef is that they can be a challenge to turn off (maybe that’s so you buy their tool). There’s a small hole in the nock that I insert a field tip point into to pry up. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed they’re back on the next day when I thought they were off. Now I have one that won’t come on at all and another that’s very weak. I’ve also discovered┬áthat the neither┬ánock come on reliably. You can see in this shot one is out (and this was before they started dying).




Carbon Express

What I love about the CE nocks is that they turn off with a quick pull of the nock. No muss no fuss. On the flip-side, I’ve had some that are a little stubborn. Usually they pop right out but not always. Here they look brighter than the Nockturnals. Maybe I need to grab a light meter. ­čÖé


So the jury is still out. I scored a lot of the Carbon Express nocks on clearance so at less than $2 ea I won’t complain too much. I still plan on trying out the other market options. Stay tuned!

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